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Bio and Artist Statment


Artist’s Statement

My series Disappearing Landscapes is a eulogy for landscapes taken by development.  My art has addressed many environmental issues, but none are more dear to my heart than habitat loss. 

My newest series Story Tellers is focused on ancient trees, landforms, and remnants of things past.

My work distills images into their essence, of elegant line, simplified shape, complex textures and jewel like colour, ideally starting with a plein aire sketch, then proceeding through many layers, a process I call glazed acrylic.  

It is reflective of my fascination with the abstract patterns and structures of nature, which are simple on the surface, but deeply complex as you travel inward. Life is a mysterious miracle.



I’m an artist. 

I was born that way.

Growing up in a blue collar environment, I was a bit of a mystery to my family, and discouraged from wasting time 'playing' at art. (You'll starve to death in a garret!) I did take art at Beck as one of Mary Redkop's  home room art geeks, but in spite of her encouragement I took the route expected by my background, got married... had kids... got a job.

Even so I found every excuse,  to make art:  murals on the walls in our house, painting gifts for friends, etc. etc.

With the encouragement of a friend I entered the Western Fair Fine Art Competition in 2004, and won.  I took every workshop and lesson I could find, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Since 2011 I have worked full time as an artist. 

I’ve started and run galleries and studio tours, had solo art shows at various venues including the STEP Art Center, and Art With Panache London, been accepted into juried national and international shows, and been heavily involved in the London/St Thomas/Port Stanley art community for almost 20 years. 

Art is my life. 

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