I am a contemporary Canadian landscape artist. I'm a visual story teller engaged in a mad race against time. recording disappearing pre-urbanized landscapes, as cities swallow land in fertile temperate zones. I use Elemental Texture, Luminous Colour, Symbolic Shapes and Lyrical Line and a process I have developed and call Glazed Acrylic. also see me on instagram @robinbarattaartist

Bio and Artist Statment


Canadian Artist: Robin Baratta

Artist’s Statement

Artist Statement 

I am a contemporary Canadian landscape artist and visual storyteller using  using suggestive Texture,

Luminous Colour, Elemental Shapes, Lyrical Line and a process I developed and call Glazed Acrylic.

My process is reflective of my fascination with the abstract patterns and structures of nature,

which are simple on the surface, but deeply complex as you travel inward.

Life is a mysterious miracle.

I am in a mad race against time and voracious development as I record the disappearing landscapes of

the fertile temperate zone being swallowed by creeping urbanization.

I record what is, with glimpses of what was.

I ask what could be?

Is this wasted land or an oasis? 

Space for development or sustenance for a hungry world?

How do we balance preservation and intelligent growth?

What are we leaving future generations?

Images usually start as a sketch done en plein aire, taken back to my studio for refinement.

Textured layers are developed using various acrylic mediums to create an image in relief,

multiple layers of acrylic glaze are then applied to give a very deep complex colour layer to

the work.

I generally work on several pieces at once as drying time between layers is crucial. This also

allows me to work in series so that I can fully explore my inspiration. 

My objective is to create work that is both beautiful, and thought provoking. 

The work is mounted on cradled wooden boards ready for hanging or framing.  



Born mid last century in London Ontario Canada. Working in textured acrylic using a process I call Glazed Acrylic.

Primarily self taught,  I took four years of art history at Beck Collegiate London Ontario.

 I was introduced there to the art of Arthur Lismer, Emily Carr, Tom Thomson and other iconic

Canadian Artists, who influence my work still.

The work I am doing now is directly related to a highly textured painting comprised of simplified shapes

that I did for my graduating portfolio, although it has taken several decades to circle back to it. .

Always experimenting with art  in 2004 I entered the Western Fair (London Ontario)

Fine Art Competition and won, it was time to get serious.

I took many classes, primarily with Fred Harrison and  Kim Harrison celebrated London Ontario

Artists, and workshops most notably with Reiney Tauschad texture artist, and Carrie Burns Brown

collage and composition.

Since 2011 I have been a full time artist.

I have  been heavily involved in the London/St Thomas/Port Stanley art community for over 20 years.

I participate in group and solo art shows at various venues including the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Center,

where my work is part of the permanent collection. 

I’ve coordinated and consulted on art show’s, and judged competitions.  I have organized studio tours, art in the parks, and art collectives,  I recently sold my partnership and retired from The Art Emporium in Port Stanley after 10 successful  years, to have time to focus more on my own career.

I teach kids and adults from my studio, and present art based programs in dementia/long term care.

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